This Neighbourhood Development Plan aims to make Snitterfield and the parish of Snitterfield an even better place to be, now and for future generations. It will cover a 17 year time period with a review every 5 years. It covers the period 2015 to 2031, the same as Stratford District Council’s Core Strategy.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan process enables communities to better shape the place they work and live, to inform how development takes place and help influence the type, quality and location of that development, ensuring that change brings with it local benefit.

The community of Snitterfield has a strong history of taking local decision making into its own hands. In 2000 Snitterfield developed a Village Design Statement followed by a Snitterfield Parish Plan in 2006.

Both of these documents were created by groups of residents following extensive consultation and public meetings. The Village Design Statement is a Supplementary Planning Guidance note and details the character, settlement patterns, buildings and open spaces as well as laying out Design Guidelines.

The Parish Plan of 2006 set out a vision for the future development of the community and how that might be achieved. It consolidated and documented the information obtained from the Parish Appraisal of 2002 and laid out opportunities and threats to the community. It also set out a 10 year action plan covering Facilities, Infrastructure, Environment and Development.

Neighbourhood planning now provides an opportunity for the community to have a real say over local decision making, to achieve its long-standing goals through the planning system and address the challenges and opportunities facing the future vitality of the parish.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is based on extensive research and influenced by robust engagement with the local community. In the lead up to the referendum decision makers should consider this to be an important reference point and give it weight as a material consideration in any development planning decisions. When the Plan is made it will have very significant weight in the determination of planning applications.

Planning for the creation of this plan commenced during 2012 and its development has been overseen by a group of volunteers, including members of the Parish Council. The group has engaged the services of an independent planning consultant advising the Steering Group and PC on the neighbourhood planning process, site selection, policy formulation and legal compliance. 

Funding of the activities of the group in the production of the draft plan is through grants from both SDC and Locality or occasionally from the Parish Council. Grant funding in excess of £12,000 has been secured to cover consultant costs, cost of independent reports and NDP costs (e.g. printing, Open Day, Local searches)

Throughout the process of creating the draft plan engagement of the public has been fundamental, through questionnaires, Open Days and presentations. Communication of progress has been made through the Snipe magazine and public attendance at the regular meetings has been encouraged.

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